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"~If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come. Chinese Proverb~"

I find the best way to describe myself is through facts, since your poetic minds will hopefully imagine me as a better human than I honestly am. So;

Fave word(s): Spelunking, spatula, fiend, swashbuckling, flummoxed, flabbergasted

Fave Vision: Red-orange

Fave Hearing: Wind chimes

Fave Smell: Cut grass

Fave Taste: Rice pudding

Fave Touch: Hugs (I'm actually Head Goon in the Hug Committee here)


I wrote my first (so far only) book at age six about a witch who didn't want to be a witch; and that was the title. It was on orange construction paper, drawn with stubby crayons as accurate as miracles. My materials now are better; but trust me, writing doesn't come easier.

I have wanted to be a writer FOREVER.

I have a document called "Instant Thoughts", which shows how to jumpstart the blender they tell me is my brain. Here are some for you, from yours truly;

Sweetest gold

Tears ripple round the world

Aerodynamic life

"God wears camouflage" (A lyric from Sleep Through the Static, by Jack Johnson. And I'm atheist--nice thought, though.)

Finally? I have killed computers, never fainted, stabbed myself with pens and pencils, maimed books forever, made up memories, and hit myself in the head with a tennis racket while serving.

ALL THIS for you--because every bit of my life has changed how I write. And you will be the ones enjoying the fruits of my labor. It may be a dragon fruit (that's a legit fruit) but you'll never know... till you bite.

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