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"better to be the reader not the read, better to be the seer not the seen, better to be the noticer than the noticed, better to be the studier than the studied, better to be the doer than the done, better to be the listener than the loud, but , better to be the loved than the unrequited lover."

okey dokey, so this is protagonize, eh? it'll be quite interesting to find out if my story is any good or not... hey, mebbe i'll publish it...xp

i say story rather than stories coz i only really have one story... i've been writing it for years, so i'll fix it up a bit and put it on bit by bit :)

comment, rate it... try and predict the future?? just kidding, no one can do that...or can they??? no lol... or can they???...i'll stop now xp

i may find other little stories i've written over the years and put them on too, and i'll put up a relatively regular script of my conversations with myself... im not scizophrenic, i just like to talk to myself... and then i talk back xp but i think they're quite funny :)

anyhooo, help yourself...

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