a 22-year-old lady from Oregon, United States

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"I'M NOT CRAZY!!! My reality is just different that yours..."

A Bit About me and Why I Joined

I'm 15 years old, and I started writing a book last year during english class. I didn't do much over the summer, mainly because I don't like writing things down even though I got many ideas for it. Well, it's my loss... hehe :D I joined this so I could get some tips and critisism for my book and hopefully, eventually finish it.


Piano, Violin, Fantasy Novels, Dragons, Magic, Cooking, Sewing


Constant Texting, Gossip, Uncooperation, and the Color Pink


Get good at playing the piano; Finish my novel and make a trilogy off of it; become a chef/pastry chef


This is my book I'm working on.

The Sands of Time - Prolouge ~ http://www.protagonize.com/story/the-sands-of-time--prolouge

I love criticism on my projects and don't be afraid to call me on the most simplest or smallest of things.

P.S. I came up with this information design from Blix.


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