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"Life is like a meal, if you eat to fast there is nothing left, if you eat to slow you are left behind" - me, somtime ago

Never ending tales waiting to be read,
Thoughts unraveling like the dead,
Those once living put to bed,
Rise again inside my head.

About Me

Well if I’m to tell you about me it would not serve me well to avoid mentioning Moonwalker's lovely little chat with Elorithryn, after all she did do a fine job of it. Other than that I am a just a young soul disguised as a responsible adult. Well it’s more like I play a balancing act of it. Playful over here, hard work over there and, well, sometimes I fall off. *grin* But that’s beside the point. As for my writing, well...

Reading my stories, you shall see,
The protagonist is always me.
Now in gowns, now in pants,
I'm always graceful when I dance.
Nature, Music, love of Life,
Now a mother and, of course, a wife!
I hope my Stories will be read,
And I’ll be published before I'm dead.

Technically I have been published (The Harvest Pageant by Cathryn Leigh, available through Amazon, e-book only), but I’m dreaming of bigger. Of course, given my current life, it may take a while, but I’ve started a blog about it (and other things). I want my novels published and have people like them enough to send me fan mail. A bonus would be to my book on the shelf of a book store, or a best sellers list!

Though I’m not as active as I was in the past few years, I’ve still got stuff up on Protagonize and I’ll try and summarize for you. I ALWAYS welcome any constructive feedback (or grammatical/spelling corrections) on everything and hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.
FYI:  Those works marked as (MATURE) contain swears, innuendos, some nudity and mature topics; however, I avoid describing physical intimacy in any detail.

My Pet Projects

The Phoenixes of Vervell

“Unwittingly brought into, what she had thought was her own fantasy world, Sarah finds love and a destiny no one had foretold...." An action/adventure and psuedo chick lit trilogy, these books include camping, cooking, sword fighting, dashes of romance, assassinations, and Gods.

These books are actually about to undergo a major overhaul as I split them into five while rewriting them to take out plot holes, fix inconsistencies and just make them all around better (I hope) . Not sure if I’ll post the rewrites since I’ll be hoping to publish them.

Faerie Bound and Last of the Line – In Process (though it’s painfully slow going) Moonwalker, Anna SpookOfNight and I all first met upon The Protagonize Bus. Our characters immediately became intertwined and now we’ve got an epic story on our hands barreling its way to a final battle between good and evil!

Other Works for Your Amusement

Solo Works

My Collaborative Works – Open (Feel free to join in anyone of these!)

Collaborative Works – Closed(ish)

  • One Last Hope – Six kids have Crystal affinities and must unite to defeat an evil that’s killing the world (SageMoonblood, HeyJude, ShyahByah, Narissa , SarsaparillaMarmalade and I).
  • SoulRiders – Book 1 – The Soulriders have been subservient to the Kingdom for years, but times change and so does the flow of power (SilverEye, Dottylotti, CrasiTayo, SpookOfNight and I).
  • Darkness Descending (MATURE) – What happens when you take a Sexy Spacer (me), a Vampire (Nosirrah), a Demon Hunter (Anna_Devlin), an Elf (Moonwalker) and a Girl with her Dragon (SummerDreams) and stick them all in Victorian New Orleans? We aren’t really sure either.
  • A new epic! A new epic failure. – What would happen if our characters came to life? Started by Crymzon, there are quite a few people participating, like Druidx, Spockeh, SpookOfNight and I.
  • A Clock Against the Window – Wacky things happen when words aren’t as they seem for Delorfinde, SpookOfNight and I in the Land of Typos.
  • Rewriting the Past – Why do a Pixie (Briony) and a time traveler (Hummingbird) care about saving a suicidal girl (me)? I wish we knew...

Recommended Reading
Now I’m going to put in some plugs for my fellow authors.

A Fighting Chance by Eloosive – sure it’s a boxing story, but it’s a super awesome boxing story that focuses on the people not the fighting.

Warrior, Exile and Legend by SpookOfNight – This tale of a gruff champion of a Lord comes highly recommended by my Vervellian crew and I. In fact she’s even told us it was us who encourage her to take it from one post to the trilogy it’s become. *blush*

Almost Anything by Delorfinde – except she likes to delete the best stuff, but here's one that I recommend: Voices, she even let me help with the plot *humbled bow*. Best read it before it disappears though *grin*.


There, you made it to the end.
So now I shall exit with a giggle and a grin.
:} Elorithryn

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