a 22-year-old chick from Stratford, On, Canada

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"Write about the emotions you fear the most."~~ ~~"It is easier to say nothing. Shut your trap, button your lip, can it. All that crap you hear on TV about communication and expressing feelings is a lie. Nobody really wants to hear what you have to say. " -Speak

My name is Kim.
I believe in equality.
I don't want to belive in discrimination and hate, but i know it's out there.
I want to write stories when i'm older; stories that have a meaning and a happy ending.
I love life, or atleast i try to love it as much as i can. Sometimes are harder then others, I must admit.
I hear how love is a beautiful thing, and I want to experience that one day with someone special.
I do care what people think of me, but i'm never gonna change for anybody.
I like being quiet and I like whispering. I believe if someone really cares about what you have to say, they'll listen to you.

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