just a girl from The Universe, Earth.(i think.)

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Hello people of the world...

Just so you know- Eloisel S is me, i forgot my password so had to create another account THIS IS NOT A LIE i promise that Eloisel and Eloisel S are the same person ME!!!

I'm Eloisel,

Here is a WARNING-

I am very weird AND mad

 AND bonkers AND cuckoo AND crazy,

and guess what I DONT CARE well i do but

i am HAPPY with who i am, if i want

to jump around in circles and sing

Baa Baa Black sheep I WILL if

i want to write a story about a lion eating

a chocolate bar i will,

So (this is another WARNING)

if you want to be mean to me and say

something horrible, then either say it

and i won't care, or don't waste your

breath as i don't mind what you say

thats horrible or mean.

About me=

Hair: Blondy, brown (blown or brond)

Eyes: Blue

FAve books: ANY, i am a bookworm.

I am a UNIQUE, INVIDUAL. Yeah i have friends but i am nothing like them. I don't want to follow the crowd. Just because everyone else is wearing pink, i might wear yellow.

Fave colour: I love all colours, ( i am kind of a colour freak.)




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