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◖ Elle Bishop ● NBC's Heroes RP ● Multi-verse/ship ◗

Name: Eleanor ‘Elle’ Zoe Bishop
Canon: Heroes
Canon Point: Mostly post series where she has been brought back via time travel or Claire’s blood, but can work with just about anything.
Height: 5’1
Weight: 120 lbs
More Info: Full history can be found here - (Link to Heroes Wiki will go here)

Elle Bishop was is an evolved human with the ability to generate electricity, and was the daughter of Bob Bishop. Elle was recruited as a trainer and agent after a long period of brutal experimentation that left her mentally unstable and homicidal. Upon her father’s death, Elle was fired by new director Angela Petrelli. After beginning a romance with newly-reformed Sylar, she thought things were beginning to look up. Sylar soon discovered she was part of a web of lies created against him and killed her after giving up on himself and deciding neither of them would ever change. (- HeroesWiki)

…At least that was what everyone had thought. Either with help of time travel or Claire’s blood, she’s now alive and well. Well, physically at least; Mentally is another story altogether. She doesn’t know how it happened exactly, but either technique, she’s happy to be back.

◖ - Personality - 

She’s flirty yet complicated, incorporating all elements from canon from the extremely sociopathic tendencies to the soft, genuine, sympathetic side she felt for Gabriel/Sylar (Yes, those traits are polar opposites but don’t look at me, I didn’t write the show’s script). She tries to behave now since she’s been given this second chance, but it’s really tough for her. Nine times out of ten, she will be tempted to shock you in some form or fashion in greeting, but restrains herself if you do not already know about her power. And if she does zap you, the voltage will be relative to how much she likes you. The smaller the spark, the more you’re on her good side. And if you get on her bad side, prepare for hell because she doesn’t take #&*# from anyone. Otherwise, when all is going well and preferably her way, she can be sweet and playful. Perhaps too playful even, as she’s not above causing a little chaos in the name of fun. Oh, and she’s definitely not shy unless you catch her off guard, which is rare.

((Although I mainly play her as trying to redeem herself, if you want a verse where she’s a villain, that can be arranged!))

◖ - Abilities - 

Elle had extensive control over her ability. She was able to adjust the strength and power of the electricity she generates, such as creating a small spark which causes a minor electric shock, a medium-level bolt which stuns or produces concussive force and a powerful surge which can kill. She did not need to use her hands to use her ability, as seen when she zapped Peter with her mouth (Four Months Ago…) or when she used her whole body to generate electricity (Cautionary Tales). It has been implied that Elle could manipulate existing sources of electricity, causing a major blackout (Four Months Ago…) and causing the lights inside the Bennet home to fade in out and out and Noah’s computer to turn on (Eris Quod Sum).

In addition to the aforementioned phenomena, Elle could also create ball lightning. After creating it, she could immediately release it, charge it for more powerful bursts, or simply use it to intimidate. Elle was also able to levitate her ball lightning. She could also fire blasts of sheet lightning and ribbon lightning in battle. She was able to hone her finesse for sharpshooting, firing small pinpoint but powerful lightning bolts that could shatter glass and cause objects to catch fire. (Cautionary Tales)

While being attacked by Sylar, Elle released a massive shock wave of electricity from her entire body, which shorted out the power grid on Level 5 of Primatech Research, effectively freeing all the prisoners. It also knocked Sylar unconscious (The Butterfly Effect). After this incident, Elle’s control of her ability dropped dramatically. She was still able to use her ability, but lost her fine control over it, causing herself severe pain from electric shock when she bathed or stood in the rain. (Sum Quod Sum, Part 1) Additionally, she almost caused a plane to crash after accidentally overcharging the plane. (Eris Quod Sum) During a tense encounter with Sylar at Pinehearst, Elle was able to produce enough electricity to disintegrate part of Sylar’s clothes and severely injure him. After their talk, Elle regained control of her ability. (It’s Coming)

Noah stated that the brain was not meant to handle the amount of electricity to which Elle was subjected during testing when she was first brought into the Company (Cautionary Tales). He implied that this was at least in part why Elle had some psychological issues. (- HeroesWiki)

Being doused with water turns her own ability against her and makes her vulnerable to other sources of electricity as well. Otherwise, when dry, tazers and any other forms of electricity do not phase her.


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