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                A little about me? Well, I'm an aspiring scientist, a book worm, a write-aholic and a gaming nerd from sunny, sunny England. I mostly do my writing late at night but to be honest, I'm not fussy.

                I've been writing for around 5 years now with varying degrees of success. I usually write very short emotional pieces, such as Human, but I’ve recently decided to attempt a longer piece. I favour a 1st person, present tense style  as I feel it allows for a more engaging and realistic flow of events as the reader finds out information and experiences actions and drama at the same rate as the narrative voice. Some of my older work is in other styles.

                Human is one of my oldest pieces of writing. This marked the beginning of the development of my personal style. I realised that I loved descriptive writing and that emotions are the most interesting part of writing for me.

                Star-Born is both my first fantasy fiction and my most serious attempt at extended writing so far. Trying to avoid the clichés of the genre while monitoring my pacing has been a challenge but I’ve really enjoyed being able to keep characters I love for more than the time it takes to write a page or two. I'm really excited about this project and hope to upload more of it very soon.

                Impact is the most interesting piece that I’ve done so far. One of the characters,Immogen, makes a choice that has serious consequences for both John and Emily, who witnessed the event, and the people that are close to them. These effects are explored through a series of short stories that cover the major events in their lives and how Immogen’s choice affected them. I wanted to explore the ways that things affect the rest of our lives, instead of just the immediate aftermath. When finished, there will be a large collection of these short stories that will cover the main events of their lives. It's currently on pause while I work on Star-Born.

                I hope that you all love my characters as much as I do and appreciate the work that has gone into bringing them alive.

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