a 23-year-old gentleman from Vernon BC, Canada

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"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ~Sylvia Plath"

If you want to know me, ask me. No better way than the first hand experience.

I mostly write shorter fiction stories, and sometimes dabble in poetry although I'll give anything a shot. I've been known to role play and am a bit of a zombie expert.

Some of my favorite books are The Conquerers Shadow and the Death's Head series. I also have a decent selection of zombie novels.

Stagnant zombie fiction found here: http://www.protagonize.com/story/to-whom-it-may-concern

I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to read, review or contribute to any of my work. Seriously, don't be lazy. The links are like right there :P

I suggest
But you know, feel free :)

Just give it a look, I dare you, and I'll give your stuff a pretty thorough look through too. I promise. Now Stop reading this and click the link already....

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