a 23-year-old female from Dreamland, Ireland

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Hello there!

My name is Ellen. I'm a 18 year old girl from the Emerald Isle, Ireland. It's difficult for me to express my personality to someone whom I've never spoken to, but I'll try my best. The only way I can think of putting it is that I very much have a dual personality. While I can be a chatty, loud, impulsive extravert, I can be equally reserved, quiet, and dreamy. Which side of my personality you see depends on where I am, how I'm feeling, and who I'm with.

I was raised as a Catholic, but currently I don't follow any formal religion. Generally speaking, I consider myself to be a fairly open minded person. If you disagree with me about something then that's fine-respect my opinion, and I'll respect yours. When I get going, I can be very hot tempered but I try to avoid unnecessary conflict . I have many acquaintances but not many close friends in real life. The few I do have I absolutely treasure. That said, I do try to give new people the benefit of the doubt, so if you'd like to get to know me better do drop me a message. Please don't get offended if I don't respond right away. Sometimes it takes me a while to work out how to reply back to a message.

Apart from poetry, my main interests would be art, reading, anything to do with anime/manga. I do like video games too (particularly Nintendo games) but in recent years I haven't been able enjoy games the way I used to before. It's probably that I've gotten older, and that the games themselves have changed. Though I'm quite good at art, I still have alot to learn.

Anyway, to sum it all up-my motto is this,
"Treat others as you would like to be treated"

My Poems~

1)Glass Soldier
2)Reality Replay
4)Still Life
5)Scrap-yard Reboot
6)Glass Half Full

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