a 25-year-old female from North Somercotes, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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Hi there,

The name's Ele. I am a 6th form student in England studying the IB. My hobbies include Ice Hockey, Swimming, Salsa Dancing, Skiing, Photography and of course writing.

At the beggining of year 12 we read 'The Reader' in class, which i really enjoyed, but couldn't understand why Schlink hadn't allowed Hanna to explain herself, so for my Project on the subject I wrote a monologue of Hanna, which i learned by heart and had to read out to the class, which allowed her to give an explanation for her illiteracy and why she joined the SS. I aimed to give listeners and readers more of an understanding of Hanna's character, but tried not to influence the original story.

My English teacher loved it and since i have been compelled by the idea of writing from the point of view of a minor character who does not receive the opportunity to give their full story in the original text. Which is why i am here, I would love some ideas for who i should write about and on what aspect pf their lives.

Thanks Ele

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