a 28-year-old person from GA, United States

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"And you can quote me on that!" -Lots of different people.

If you enjoy anything I write, that's great, but ultimately I am using this site as a sort of scrapbook of writing. Many of the pieces I post may never acquire anything more than a page or two, much less an ending. If there is anything you are interested in taking and doing something with, just let me know, I'll more than likely be glad to relinquish the piece. 

Other than this, I am more of a musician than a writer. I love to compose music (though I have many more unfinished pieces of music than I do stories.)

Fall and Winter are the most glorious times of year in my opinion. I could live with those two season year 'round. October is my favorite month, followed by Christmas, but not for the commercialized aspect, or the religious aspect for that matter. There is just a certain feeling I have during Winter in general, and this feeling is expounded by the Christmas season somehow.

I tend to be very introverted, but I do enjoy meeting new people, so If you would like to chat or join in on a story or ask me to help with a collaboration, just let me know. 

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