a 21-year-old lady from Narnia, United States

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"Where's your will to be weird?" -Jim Morrison

I am in a creative writing class, and I am trying to delve deeper into the inner talents of writing I have discovered within myself. I absolutely adore anything creative; pretty words are my Leggos and music is my entire toybox. 

I plan on going to Hendrix University in state to double major in political science and psychology. However, I'm not set in stone about the second major just yet. 

After Hendrix, I want to go to Columbia U in New York to join their law school. After becoming a lawyer and doing that for a few years, I plan on starting my political career and eventually, I would like to run for president. It would be nice to be the first woman president, but with Clinton's close-call, I think someone else will get that title before it's my time.

One day, I would like to see myself living in a totally green, underground house. I have the plans; I want it to be my dream house. I'd like a Ferrari in the garage (Specifically: A 1961 cherry red Ferrari 250GT CA), but it's quite alright if that's not practical. I do want to be married and have 1 or 2 kids.

A lot of people say I'm weird, and they're completely right, but I view that word with a positive connotation, and if you DON'T then you should rethink your priorities!

Oh, did I mention that I'm EXTREMELY opinionated?

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