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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Einstein

I am a twelve year old male, and some of you might know my bro, Starwarsfreak117 who is also an author on Protag. I am a Lord of the Rings, and Starwars fan, and a trekie, and some of my interests include: reading, writing, mythology, animals, archeology/ancient civilizations, and sports. My fav authors are Rick Riordan, Erin Hunter, and Anthony Horowitz. Some of my favorite series i love and recommend are "Rangers Apprentice," "Warriors," "Alex Rider," "Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus," "Kane Chronicles," and lastly "Robotech." One other hobbie is building things outta anything i can scrounge up. I am more a fan of fantasy/sci-fi than non-fiction, which i find to be pretty boring. I also love gaming when i have the time. Ima pretty social joking person , especially around my friends. When describing me I prefer to use the term geek (and for you critics out there, nerds and  geeks, theres a difference.) In terms of writing I love using imagination, and i like writing fight scenes.

Some Collabs I am in are:

 #1  Silver Bloods
 #2  The Killers Game
 #3  Intergalactica
 #5  Survivors Of Lochden City
 #6  A Marvel/D.C. comic collab not yet named :)

Some AWSOME people include:

 sycamore: an amazing writer who was one of the first people i met here on Protag, and never ceases to give me encouragement. she is also very funny, and outgoing.
 KamakaizRaven: an also awesome writer who is pretty much my collab buddy as he is in almost all of my collabs. he also comes up with the coolest ideas.
 Rst: an awesome guy who i met through Raven, who can always make me laugh.
 CassieK: an awesome writer who can put amazing detail and description in her writing.
         (I know i said for pretty much everyone "an awesome writer" but they all are :)
 Starwarfreak117: an author on pro tag who is also conveniently my brother (surprise!) One of the best writers I have seen but also shares my beliefs about not really caring much about grammar. He is in college right now and he also has a beard (finally :P)

well thats about it for my bio, i hope you enjoy my writing!

(side note, those book series were pretty much recommended by my bro starwarsfreak117 lol [i waz forced into writing this] :)

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