a diva from Cloud coo coo land, United Kingdom

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"The rule of the see is a great matter.From the Helenick navy."

I am a reading person.Get that clear.I love books.I am number 1 drama queen.I love musicals.music and dance.At school I do all of these in the corridoors.I am adventurous, exiting and sertainly not boring.I am in the top group in the class.

I am sadly a big mood changer ,one second I am in a white glistening cloud the next I am in the depths of despair.

My 2 best friends are exactly from the moon.One of them is a crazy,though inteligent swimmer the otherone U HAVE TO get in touched with her name on Protagonise is Inspirablurr.She rocks and rights the best stories.Check her out.

If this sounds like you ,get in touch my friend.

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