a 24-year-old woman from the trunk of a black sedan., United States

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"Trust but Verify -Ronald Reagan Living life with ADD is like surfing the internet without pop-up blocker, and I just upgraded to google image search. -Me age 14"

I'm twenty two years old and currently employed at a dog boarding facility and working my way toward a position as a dog trainer. I am married with two children and after a few years traveling with my husband for his military career we have settled in small town, Missouri. 

My first major experience with books was my mother reading to me before bed. I vividly remember the evening where I was playing four corners on the front porch with my friends when a UPS delivery truck pulled up. I thought it was weird for the mail to be delivered after dark. (I was seven I didn't understand UPS vs USPS) I took the package in to my mom and was irritated because she had me send my friends home. It turned out she wanted to read to me from the book that had been delivered (my irritation was now directed at the book). After a half hour of reading it was time for bed but I didn't want her to stop. We continued reading from the book together from then on after. The book was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone which had at the time just made its debut in the states. The series followed me all the way into high school and by the time it ended I had already become an aspiring author. I cried when I finished the seventh book because it was the end of a beautiful friendship. However, it was the beginning of my search for the perfect book. I knew I wasn't going to find it so I had to write it myself. Around this time -or maybe a little before- a friend introduced me to paranormal romance novels and as a teenage girl I was hooked but only for a short while. I soon found my way back to fantasy and then the same friend introduced me to fanfiction and that is something I still enjoy to this day. 

Over the years my writing style has evolved and I hope it will continue to evolve. I would call my genre a spin off of paranormal romance. However, I enjoy action and magic, too.

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