a 19-year-old girl from Triton the 7th Moon of Neptune

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"Suppose you say that I said that she said something quite different, I don't see that it makes any difference; because if she said what you said I said she said, it's just the same as if I said what she said she said."

If anyone has missed me for the God-knows-how-long I've been dormant, then you should know I think I'm making a permanent move to this new profile that I set up recently,


as my works on this profile (the one you're reading - thank you for that by the way) are mostly self-insert fantasies from when I was twelve, and without sounding like too much of a show-off, I think I may have improved slightly in those five-or-however-many years. I would like to separate myself from my works where I didn't know what a possessive apostrophe was without actually deleting this stuff, so. Call me a silly, sentimental girl. Or a hoarder. I think the latter's more accurate.

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