just a girl

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Chello. What's up?

*Zones out just far enough to nod.*


I’m your average teenage girl: multitasking, procrastinating machine.

I'll be writing up a research paper, eating leftover Chinese, and dialing a phone with my toes all at the same time. No brainer.

I've got the multiple personalities of a fighter, a philosopher, an artist, and hopless romanticist all ingeniously combined into one hot-headed dreamer.
Who would've guessed I was an aspiring neuroscientist?

Writing is my ranting, so most of what I do is in a fit of rage. Or atleast mild disappointment.

Music is my inspiration, my guide, and my alternative to punching a hole in the wall.

Currently Addicted to: Alive With the Glory of Love by Say Anything

Oh yah, and the one word to describe me would be: turquoise. But of course, you already knew that.

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