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"My name is Endre James Joseph. Writer of The Legend of King Arthur. Creator of The Rise of Pendragon. Disloyal follower of the true Arthurian scribe, Sir Thomas Malory. Son of a disappointed mother, boyfriend of an overachieving girlfriend - but I will fulfill my destiny, in this life or...I'll be kicked to curb by two women at the same damn time!! -Dre

Born the son of West Indian parents in the cold winter of 1985, Endre J. Joseph, Jr. IV (I'm not really the fourth of my name!) was a fresh-faced, boy-next-door, comic book enthusiast in his early years. Upon reaching high school, he traded in his Batman and X-Men comics for rap music, girls, and weed (smfh!). After a disastrous high school experience, one filled with lackluster grades, fist fights with future Italian mobsters, and lots of pity sex, Dre withdrew from his secondary institution to enter the George Bush-led American job market. From this point on Dre worked a plethora of expletive jobs...everything from a Staples sales associate, a Best Buy inventory specialist, a Harvard University kitchen dishwasher, a Museum security guard, a Hotel security guard, and most finally, a Hospital housekeeper (which was by far the expletive!!). Although currently unemployed, Dre is now pursuing a career in Radiography and aims to pay his bills as a Radiologic Technologist (I'll be the guy asleep on the CT Scan machine..lol, I apologize that was inaccurate, it'll be more like a cot near the CT machine) while powering through his first written work of fiction. Whether the final result is a novel, a film script, or a comic book/graphic novel script...at this point, that no longer matters to Dre..whatsoever.   :-) 

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