a 28-year-old woman from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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What can I say about me that would not sound either "full-of-myself" or "whiny"?

I work full time in a call center taking calls for BrightHouse Networks in the Tampa Bay area, troubleshooting digital phone and digital cable. I only take calls, I don't make them.

In my spare time I write, I draw, and I make hairfalls out of yarn which I sometimes wear. I like pinstripes and my rabbit fur coat is to "to-die-for." Pardon the pun. I also have a pet rabbit, and my boyfriend was born in the year of the Rabbit. Isn't that funny?

I was born in the year of the Dragon, but also under the western zodiac of Cancer, which essentially makes me a "kind and gentle" leader-type. I play a 66-year-old. 6'6" Tiefling Warlock in D&D V.4, and I recently got into the WoW TCG, as well. I still play with dolls, and I still color in coloring books. Sometimes I paint, but not often.

My boyfriend is a 6'7 1/2" redhead with blue eyes. His name is Philip, and he is a Shaman. I've been a witch for about 7 years and a pagan all my life, so we're both very spiritual people (he's "Christian"), though I'm more the "lets recycle and save the environment and vote green and put the ethynol plant in the old beer factory!" type, whereas he's more the "I'm going to put plastic in the garbage and not recycle because the government gets money out of it" type. We're kind of at odds at times, but I love him very much. I would not live with him if I didn't.

Though he had to have balls to step up and make me his; even though we were friends for a few years beforehand, I was not exactly approachable when it came to the opposite sex for the longest time. I've let up a  bit since I met him, I think, because it was basically love at first sight, and we were bound to meet either way - we know all the same people, pretty much. Hell, the night we met, we were in the bus station, and I looked up and noticed him (how could I not? He's so tall and he stands out a lot!), so I turned off my music in hopes he would come talk to me, or so I could build up the guts to go talk to him. Eventually he came over to me, and I looked up at him from the book I was scribbling away in, and he told me I looked familiar. We exchanged information and started going on walks, and eventually became pretty good friends. Then he vanished for a year, and when we ran into each other again, a few months later we were a couple. (How cute is that?)

But yeah. I'm done for now. Anything else, you can talk to me to find out.


xoxo - Dragon

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