a 14-year-old chap from Writing Land, Australia

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"Writing and drawing are like eating and breathing, you truly cantlive without them."

Im a nine year old. I like writing. I've been inspired to write by J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry potter series. It would be a pleasure if you joined my group. My first major book was THE PROTECTOR: One tornado wrecks it all. I'm going to put this story on my site soon. I'm currently working on three other books as well. Their names are: THE WARRIOR GAMES, Powerman and THE PROTECTOR: EL DE MORE. please give feed back on my work! Oh, by the way, my books are a bit dull because I'm focusing my attention on THE PROTECTOR series. The whole series will come out. I've given it to people and they really like it! So, I'm really sorry if my stuff are dull! Thanks, Lorenz

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