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"And if only they could feel it too/ the happiness I feel with you,/ they'd know/ love will find a way." - The Lion King 2

Wooo~ Kay. So I'm new. =) Call me Draggar. I've been trying to write more now, so... yeah. I joineddd. Anyways, I'm interested in many genres (just not historical fiction unless it is pre-1700s)- so drop me a message if you have any ideas for collabs. I am very intrigued by the whole idea of this website, so I would very much like to get started somehow.

First of all, I would like to make this clear: I am not a lesbian. I am not gay. I am not homosexual. I am a person. Labels are unnecessary. You should know that I do not view sexuality as others do. It is not my sexuality that matters. It is my philosophy. I do not condone or believe in much of what the "gay" community stands for. I am sorry, but I am not flamboyant or campy. Such things are not honest in my mind - they are hardly real. I do not care if someone is male or female. I do not care about the physical side of a relationship. It is the workings of the heart, the way of the soul that intrigues me. The meaning of such love is what I search for, not rainbow-splattered pleasure. I apologize if you are offended, but it's important to me to make such a thing clear.

I'm an aspiring teenage author from California, and I am currently at work on a piece of mainstream fiction called "Kanagawa". It is centered on four characters who are reminded of certain events in their lives when they look at a painting in a museum, basically. It's just an exercise to get me back into writing, so it won't be very serious.

As far as collaborations go, I am very, very interested in starting up something in the following genres/topics: science fiction, urban fantasy, magical realism, chick lit (I love hen lit), young adult, and stories set in 1000-2 B.C. I have very eclectic, varied tastes, so I will probably be up for anything else as well.

I really hope that I can become an active member on this site - I would love to meet anyone and speak with anyone!

Upcoming Solo Projects:

+ Kanagawa: The stories of four different people in the same museum looking at the same painting. An exercise in character. (realistic fiction, literary)

+ Streetslap: A girl struggles to find herself in the streets of Los Angeles. (gay/lesbian, sports, young adult) Probably going to be my '10 NaNo.

+ A Gypsy's Prayer: An intelligent, popular young pianist has a secret that she can't bear to hide any longer, especially when she meets Lily Menken, an outspoken singer in the next city over. (wooo lesbian chick lit. - surprisingly major Christian overtones, with piano and song throughout) major work in progress - probably won't even happen.

+ 100 Things I Love About You: =) A tribute to my friend. Title says all.

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