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"I can't compromise the message of the truth because it isn't my message but God's message".Dr.Samuel.D.Wilson,Jr.

Dr. Samuel.D.Wilson,is a Christian pastor, speaker, author, and a widely-syndicated radio, television and film broadcaster in the United States. He was the first African {American} to earn a doctorate as Ambassador of Christ.He taught evangelism,youth development and black church studies, and serves on multiple Boards of  Ministries across the United States.

Dr.Wilson serves as Associate Pastor at First Full Gospel Pentecostal Church in Dallas, Texas,and Youth Director as well. He also serve as Youth Director and Deacon of the  Redeem Christian Church of God in Dallas,Texas. He also join and work with the Potter House and Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas,Texas.Dr.Wilson is hardly recognize by his proclamation and application of the word of God as the United States.Dr.Wilson can be heard across this Nation broadcasting the gospel and feeding homeless people.

Dr.Wilson has a deep conviction for the homeless across the United States of America.He has advocated for opportunity,equality and fairness of the homeless people.He has devoted his entire life to the homeless communities across this Nation.His love for the homeless people have touch others to be a help to homelessness.The organization called the FACE OF CHRIST is established for the sole purple of making everyone an important people in the kingdom of God and the world as a whole.

Dr.Wilson has been on the Trinity Broadcasting Network{TBN} and spoke to over thousands of people present and over millions of people around the world.He isn't an American but send by God to come to America declaring the radical Truth of the gospel.

Dr. Wilsons' goal is to advance God's message of salvation in a radical way in this Nation. The radical agenda is the visible demonstration of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life.His heart for people continue to enable him to constantly be in the worst places in the society sharing the radical message of Christ."F.O.C CHRIST IS KING"Dr.Samuel.D.Wilson,Jr.

Dr.Wilson came to America for one reason and that's to foster the message in a way that everyone will get it and apply it."He will not compromise the message of the gospel cause it isn't his message but God's message".Dr.Samuel.D.Wilson,Jr.

Dr. Wilson has served as Pastor/District oversea of the E.L.I.M Ministry in Atlanta,GA.He has also worked with well known musical artist in the music business.Dr.Wilson has also met well known people from President of Nations to Executives,CEO and World Class Leaders.

Dr.Wilson is a voice of people who don't have a voice and he also an activist in the community.He has a love for film and media production.Overall,Dr.Wilson uphold the TRUTH as LIFE from God.

Family is a vital part of Dr.Wilson lifestyle and it show in how he treats those who want family as his family.Checkout www.twitter.com/thefaceofchrist or www.twitter.com/thefoc12....

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