a 27-year-old fellow from London, Ontario, Canada

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"You're sharp, but sharp just doesn't cut it anymore."

   I'm this 18 year old "fellow" as this site lets me call myself. Average beyond all belief, brown hair, blue eyes, about 6 foot. That's me.

   I spend most of my time writing in the attic (thank god it's insulated) of my uncle's loft, living here in London, Ontario. He and his boyfriend are a hoot at parties, but their constant critique of my failing degree of fashion sense can get on my nerves.

   Don't get me wrong, I love trouncing around downtown occasionally, but a little more then half of the time, I'm here with my laptop in front of me, or reading.

   Other then that everything just comes and goes. I'm excited about University, but also a little terrified, so I guess we'll see how that goes lol.

   I'd like to note, that my favorite feature of this site is how little exerps come and go on the pages. Like the one to the right of this says "As she held him, she saw blood." Now I'm all interested lol. Just thought you all should know... =).

   Happy Reading!


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