a 105-year-old dame from the TARDIS

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"“You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” ~Jack London"

Hello, my fellow word benders. I suppose like all of you here, I love writing.

I am simply a 100-year-old dame, traveling the stars and fixing wrongdoings. 

I also love Doctor Who.

Although they're pretty new to me, I'm discovering I love collabs. Even though I usually have at least two going on at once I'm always open to offers to join them. 

The Works of My Subconscious:

Active (✓), semi-active (☐) and nonactive (✖); Main projects are marked with a • on either side.

• The Life and Lies Of Annemarie Kent • (☐)

When Ms. Annemarie Kent, previously of Essex, England, is swept into a different world unto itself, she learns that things are not always what they seem. In fact, a dark force (largely composed of Goblins) are taking over and the country's leader is reduced to hiding in a house. Only Annemarie and her lies can save this planet... but will the lies undo or save them?

The Life and Lies of Annemarie Kent: A Guide (✖)

So this is a guide to "The Life and Lies of Annemarie Kent." It contains descriptions of species, Marker spells, and so on. I decided to write this because even though the story only has a few pages as of yet the story contains so many spells and species I thought I'd write a guide. -Spoiler Alert-

The Merlin Effect (☐)

Four strangers with opposing view points on life witness a crime that defies all logic. Now as the last surviving witnesses they are being pursued by a powerful demon.Hastily they run from their pursuer, in hopes of finding the one mysterious person who can defeat the immortal hunting them down for their knowledge. The only clue they have to go on, is a name whispered in threat to an immortal Merlin, was killed thereafter. *Collaboration with CassieK, Nerathul, and Septirath (whom is temporarily unavailable).*

Finding Ourselves  (☐)

Closed collaboration between myself, CassieK, toxicemu, and frosty_the_lindo. Five friends of Pennsylvania, USA, end up in Europe. Together- the highschool priss, the charming actor, the reporter, the two girls with problems- will find themselves and what really makes them.

Chasity Deramoore (Working Title) (✓)

England, the 17th century. A girl from a wealthy family is coming of age, and her mother is parading suitors through the parlour- and right back out the door. Chasity Deramoore of England isn't attracted to any of them- and yet she's discovering she loves her best friend, a female. Chasity's confused and she knows her Catholic parents would never understand, or approve- especially when Chasity doesn't understand, herself.

Riddle Games (✓)

In a bookshop in New York, there is a window. A small window. A rounded one. This window looks upon a three legged stool. A child's stool, to be sure. On this stool, is a man. His hair is grizzled and his face worn. This man will tell you three riddles. If you guess correctly, well... who knows what will happen? 

I'm not entirely sure where this one is going yet.

Choices (Divergent Fanfiction) ()

The title pretty much says it- run of the mill fanfic about the popular Divergent series. Here, I'm exploring what would happen if members from other factions transferred to the Dauntless faction and how they would adapt. 

• Careful What You Wish For • (✓)

What if the world was truly peaceful? If everyone was equal? Truth is, that doesn't last for long- and Alexandria Blackett, 17, soon figures this out when she accidentally stumbles upon a rebel meeting and a huge secret that makes her realize peace is only a façade.

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You're awesome if you got through my profile. Cheers. 

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