a 19-year-old chap from Newt Gingrich's moon colony, United States

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"On every cloudy day, a beautiful expanse of fluid dynamics data is laid out in the eyes and the minds of whoever looks at the sky. In every nervous tic and instinctive motion and logical decision of every organism on the planet, a new pattern can be stored and applied by observers. You may say my head is in the clouds, but I think the clouds, the world of these arcane relationships, are exactly where my head should be."

I'm an intellectual whiz kid from Charlottesville, Virginia. The purpose of this account is mostly to contact people in the World Building group, to see what they're working on, and to make sure the organization stays on its feet. I started a similar little club with a few of my friends, oriented more toward game design than writing, but so far it is nothing on this scale. We work on Google Drive, if you'd like to check it out (contact me at NathanielSaxophone@gmail.com). I am, by all means, a denizen of the web. Here are some of my favorite internet places:




http://vdongs.blogspot.com/2012/03/dongs.html (don't worry, not what it sounds like) 





I have plunged into world building because I think it's one of the biggest and most worthy goals of any civilization. Expanding knowledge into the set of all possible universes as described by modal realism is my aim, whether that means defining the laws of a separate deterministic universe, building computers and artificial intelligences to simulate said universes, or just telling a good story.

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