a female from Northwest Territories, Canada

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Note: Avatar is not me, its the model who is the reference for the main character of my book and will possibly be on the cover if I get it finished and sit down and chat with her

Hey guys I'm Victoria but I go by Dione, Die, Lust or Tor usually. Tori and Vicky just annoy me to please... Anyways I'm from a very mixed family, my dad was aborigional and my mom was Russian. So Russian is my first language though English is what I use mostly and almost always type with. I know enough of the 7 aboriginal languages that are found up here that I could get by. French and Spanish... know em fairly well but anywyas lets stick with English shall we? Basically I live on my own with my twin brother in the north. We have 3 kids who we adopted legally 2 years ago though they've been living with us since we were 16. We have 47 dogs currently, most being sled dogs so their outside, our house isn't that big. I love soccer, like it's my world currently. i play professionally though thats not what I'm hoping my future is in, maybe just a boost to get to my goals. Anyways as for where I live, I live in Canada and a ways up north, in a very smal town and no we don't ride polar bears to work, we do have cars and roads and we do have dog sled teams but that more for compitition then anything. But all in all I love to write, make up my own little worlds so if you ever want to chat or something just hit me up. I love meeting new people!

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