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"*Live the life you've dreamed*"

hiya !

Hi everybody, Im Diany and im a romance junkie =) . I love reading and i recently discovered that i enjoy writing stories too. I expect too write many stories and I know i not THAT good but I hope I will get much better in the process.  A 99.9% of my stories have happy endings cuz thats the way i like it . Im sorry for those masochictic ppl out there lol=] ,maybe im being selfish, but i just don't believe in sad endingsXD. Im really friendly so you can write anytime you want. My first story its caled Its never too late ♥its a work in process, Im going a lil bit slow but school comes first Folks!. Well thats all for now. Peace out !!! XOXO

                                                                     LOVE YA guys ! <3

"The Difference between reality and fiction?                                             Fiction has to make sence"

                                                              Tom Clancy

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