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"There is no friend as loyal as a book -Ernest Hemingway"

Hi! My name is Diane! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading and writing and hope you'll enjoy my books. Please comment: I love feedback! Here are some facts so that you know just who's books your reading:

*I love the fine arts: Writing, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Painting, Drawing, all of it. It's beautiful and I am passionate about it.

*HUGE Shakespeare fan right here.

*Favorite Color is Purple

*Favorite animal is a black panther


*Fantasy, Horror, and Romance. Those are my favorite genres to read, all though I try to write in all of them.

*Dragons. Nuff said


*HATE beans

*Can't pick a favorite food. I love all of it. Except beans.

I hope you'll check out my works, and I hope you'll like them! Thanks for reading my profile!

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