a 20-year-old diva from goldsboro....North Carolina!, United States Minor Outlying Islands

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"It be or it not be dat be da question"(LMFAO)

Ummmm.I like music.All types of music I'm very diverse in that area.Anything but that sad country music,metal and punk rock.My body can't find the beat.

  • Favorite artists:I like Chris Brown
  • Lil Wayne
  • Trey Songz
  • Kevin Rudolf
  • And many many more

I love to get on addictinggames.com.I think the site is awesome!

Okay seriousness right now.Jay-z,rihanna,kanye West,taylor Swift,George Bush,and almost every music artist is in the iluminati.Say no to the new world order and look up the definition for illuminati and free masons to know more.And if you all ready do good for you!(thumbs up)

I'm 13.I'm black,indian and white.I guess that's it for now.Oh and i'm in the 8th grade and gradutating to go on to the 9th.

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