a 23-year-old ragamuffin from East Anglia,, United Kingdom

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um .. okay so the fiction stuff i can so cope with but a little personal info has me foundering like an idiot ... just bear with me ...

i'm in love with anything weird, vampires, weres, ghosts, loa, demons, gods, fallen, angels, shades, you name it i love it and i love messing it up too ... so pixies aren't the nice custey things you find sitting all ditty pretty on a toadstool .. no in my world they're sadistic mercanaries ... and magic isn't just magic, it's split up into Talent, Power, Essence, and Pysche and it's strength depends on the character, their bloodline and just how badass i need them to be ... oh i need to get a life, really i do

apart from the writing i'm pretty normal, my teachers and friends have just accepted that i'm end up writing really strange things down on paper and i've been pretty much banned from using up any hardrive memory on the home desktop comp ... oh well *big grin* i like being me!

have plans to become a vet, either equine or exotic, i know i'd have to be mega mega successful to make any kind of a living from writing and while it's something i can dream of i know i need back up plans, and i figured going to uni and coming out with a profession after one sitting would be a good idea so i could spend most of my free time writing and trying to crack the agent and publishing circle

have sent a few things off to publishers and got some very polite, complimentary 'no's but i was expecting that, i'm now trying to find an agent to take me on

i think most of the stuff i'll end up putting on here will be my 'mindblock' work, the stuff i end up writing when sudden inspiration strikes or when i'm at a painfully hard brick wall with the things i actually want to take somewhere

um, i hope i don't scare you too much .. it's not that their too horror based but, yeah my friends have never looked at me in the same way after reading a few things ... their comments fall under the lines of 'what the hell goes on in that head of yours?' to which i just laugh evilly

although having said that, sod's law now declairs that you won't find anything i write in the least bit freaky

oh well

enjoy, leave a comment, tell me how mad i am, or aren't

danke merci tak

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