a 31-year-old male from Dorset, United Kingdom

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"THIS IS DELICIOUS!" - Bison, Street Fighter


I'm Devo. Devo the Dragon-Fox (Yeah, I'm a furry, isn't that cool?). I live in merry ol' England, and I'm an aspiring young artist and writer... I wish. Actually it's more of a hobby, my job is a lot less exciting. I'm a serious video game and anime fanatic, sci-fi enthusiast, and geek/nerd in general (Not the computer genius type of geek, more like the tabletop gaming, comic reading, lazy and socially awkward type of geek).

Anyhoo, I am here in order to stretch my writing fingers a little. I don't write a lot, after looking at some of the work here I may find some inspiration. I occasionally have some ideas to throw at people's faces, so here's hoping when you pull said ideas off your faces and read them you'll be entertained.

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