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"A scar tells a story; a death ends one."

By reading this profile you have given me brief control of your mind. 

Not really, but you have entered my mind as I write these words. That's what reading is all about. You let yourself enter the writers mind and take you on a journey. These can be magical, tragical, and even fantastical!(tm) But, while reading is amazing, what is truly great is the fact that you can CREATE worlds and adventures through your own words. I am truly impressed with the other worlds I have entered and even assisted in making. I believe myself to be lucky to know people like JSimmons, CassieK, Stargazer, Starwarsfreak117, MattForgetti, GardeniasCastle, and so many more. While I would love to go into detail about how them and my other favorited authors are great, I do not wish to write a book quite THAT long. Seriously, it'd take at least one hundred pages per author. Just click that little button (I think) and view the authors I've fanned.

I feel like I've gotten off topic though... My main point is that you should visit as many realities as you can and create wonderful stories to let others live. Now go. Not later. Not after you take out the trash... OK, well maybe after that. Trash stinks. Anyway, go write and read!

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