a chica from Storybrook, Maine (teehee), United States

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My pseudonym: Desiree Fontayne

I am 13 and have millions of ideas, thoughts, dreams, and secrets that I must share with the world, so I write to express myself, give others experiences, and have fun!

My Style: I write about things that people wouldn't normally put together or think to write about, but in the end, it works out fantastic! My style is a little lively, sometimes dark, dreamy, solemn, and intense. Definetely intense.

My Writings: I love to write ironies, fantasies, novels, dystopian themed stories, and poems (but not the kind that rhyme). I never write a boring story or poem about people prancing through fields of daises and dandelions. I write exciting thrillers about anything that I would want to read about. 

I like to have conversations with people because I love talking. I love giving advice and solving dilemmas. Some say I'm bubbly, perhaps a little bit annoying, but who cares? I enjoy hanging out with my friends and I am an incredibly amazing person :) I love singing, reading, dancing, and acting crazy with mah besties!

Fave Authors and Books: #1 Rick Riordan #2 Stacey Wallace Benefiel #3 Lauren Oliver; Before I Fall, Glimpse, Hollywood Scandals, Found, Hugo Cabret

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