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"Passion overrules reason, for better or worse." Terry Goodkind's Wizard's Rules.

You hear that? Do you really? Can you really hear what I hear?

The answer is no. You are not me. You can not hear what I hear, nor can you experience the things I do. You are not me and never will be me. But... I am not you. We are all individuals who can not truly know one another. In fact, this profile is all false. My name is not Jim, though you may call me that, nor is it Demos. I am, however, quite the kind person.

The reason I say this is not to anger or confuse, it is so I may make you understand. We are all different. And, because we are different, our minds work in unique and unexpected ways. There are those who favor romance, those who favor war, and then those who favor adventure.

I will say this once. All those writers out there. They are not you. Nor will you ever become them. Simply focus on being yourself and greatness will come. It is because you are unique that you can shine. Don't try to be another.

And all these words boil down to is this: be yourself and write what your own heart desires.

I am Jim, and I approve this message.

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