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"...It's going to hurt."

◖ Mohinder Suresh ● NBC's Heroes RP ● Multi-verse/ship ◗

Name: Mohinder Suresh (Demon version)
Canon: Heroes
Canon Point: Post-canon AU
Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 lbs
Sexuality: Het
Place of Birth/Hometown: Chennai, India (Formerly Madras)
Accent: Although he’s from India, they changed his accent to a British one on the show because of where he went to college. I don’t write it out phonetically, but I try to capture it in his speech pattern instead.
Pre-demon History: Heroes Wiki
Demon Backstory: The Descent

◖ - Personality - 

Reluctant killer. Although his demonic nature has warped him and toughened up his resolve, deep down he regrets having blood on his hands. Most of the time, he will allow the demonic side to take over so that he may zone out and not have to deal with the guilt of the moment. He has to do what he has to do, otherwise he will be putting others that he cares about at risk per the agreement he was tricked into.

Killing aside, when not on a mission for souls and dark energy, his old personality can shine through. Although he is now more aggressive and quicker to snark, he is still a gentleman and can be very friendly and even sweet if given the chance. Basically, he’s complicated and torn with trying to merge his demonic side with his original personality. It’s a struggle, but he knows he must continue killing to keep his friends and family safe. Even with all the gloom of his situation, he attempts to hide it, not wanting to bring others down or cause them to ask questions.

◖ - Traits - 

This is where I will attempt to list all the facts about his appearance, powers, and weaknesses. His demonic traits are not based on any particular show or myth.

When not in his true form, he appears in all respects as a normal human. Those that have the ability to sense the supernatural may pick up on his presence though. When revealing his true form, he gains wings, horns, a serpentine tongue, and a tail as described below. When in a rage or attacking, his eyes will blacken, his front rows of teeth will form into sharp fangs, and his nails will form into black claws.

  • Skin Color: Same as before.
  • Body Temp: Same as a human.
  • Heartbeat/Pulse: Same as a human.
  • Fangs: Full front rows of fangs when angry. Retractable.
  • Wings: Dark brown, leathery, and similar to a bat’s. They are very sensitive to touch.
  • Horns: Jet black and have the feel of ivory. Because he’s such a young demon, right now his horns can barely be seen peeking out from his thick curls. They are about an inch or so tall and shaped similar to pyramids at the moment. These are also very sensitive to touch.
  • Tail: Serpentine and dark brown, matching his wings. The tip can morph into many different shapes and apparatuses. Needless to say, but also sensitive.
  • Tongue: Long and serpentine, but otherwise has the width and feel of a human tongue.
  • Breath: Yes
  • Reflection: Yes
  • Shadow: Yes

Powers that deal with the mind such as telepathy, persuasion, and illusions will not work on him.

  • Immortal: Yes
  • Enhanced Strength: Yes
  • Enhanced Senses: Yes, including being able to sense a person’s dark energy level (whether they’re worth killing or not).
  • Enhanced Speed: Yes
  • Enhanced Healing: Yes – Regeneration.
  • Flight: Yes, but must be in true form with wings out.
  • Shapeshifting: Can shift into various animals to conserve energy and/or blend in/hide. While in animal form, his demonic presence cannot be detected, but he is also powerless except for being able to communicate with the animals.
  • Mind Powers: Basic illusion manipulation.
  • Telekinesis: Basic level. Still trying to master it so may have undesirable (embarrassing) results.
  • Empathy: He can fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others through touch.
  • Mediumship: Can perceive and communicate with spirits and those who are in the afterlife.
  • Dream Manipulation: Can enter and manipulate the dreams of oneself and others.
  • Darkness Manipulation: He can summon and manipulate darkness. This is another ability that he is currently working on mastering as it is the most complicated skill in his arsenal requiring the most concentration.

As stated in the deal Mohinder was tricked into, he must gather either one soul or an equivalent amount of dark energy every seven days. Each week that he fails at this task, he will weaken. After four weeks of failure, someone that he cares for will die to return him to full power and therefore also fill him with extreme guilt and self-loathing. So collecting souls and energy is very important.

  • Injury to the heart or brain: Immobilizes
  • Sunlight: Annoys the hell out of him
  • Decapitation: Immobilizes until head is reattached. Oh and he can still snark up a storm like this.
  • Drowning: Weakens
  • Fire: No effect.
  • Silver: Can weaken all the way to immobilize depending on how much and how pure.
  • Holy Symbols/Water: Same - can weaken all the way to immobilize depending on how much faith is put into the object.
  • Holy Rituals/incantations: Like most all demons, he is very susceptible to these. If sent back to Hell, all memories of the person who was responsible will be erased. When he returns to earth, he will know someone “killed” him, but he will have no clue who it was or why and will go on about his business unless the plot says otherwise.

Feeding and Reproduction

  • Diet: Normal human food but he can also be sustained by absorbing dark energy or even a soul.
  • Fertile: No, although sex is still possible… and encouraged as it’s one way to collect dark energy.
  • Transforming others: Must perform the same ritual that was used on himself. A somewhat elaborate process that he rarely performs since he doesn’t want others to suffer like he does.

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