just a man from Home....?

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"If life is a stage, most of us are unrehearsed..!"

Demon.. you might think this a strange name, but it suits me, it's a name given to me when I was 13 and one that I have used ever since, I like it, it defines me as a person.

I have written for many years, for myself and no-one else.  I like to write simply because by putting my thoughts and ideas and my dreams and ambitions onto paper always seen to lessen my problems, enhance my dreams and make each waking day a little easier to deal with.

I am a realist... I do not see life as most of the rest of the world appear to do, somedays I want to take the world by it's shoulders and shake the living hell out of it and make it wake up to the same reality I see day by day... I have no rose tinted spectacles to burden my life...

I have no idea if anything I write on this site will stir anyones imagination or make them look deeper into the meaning of the words upon the page.. all I know is this, that should I die having made one persons life better, then my life was worthwhile, regardless of the mistakes in life I may have made, regardless of the opinion others may have of me.. if their lives are so full they can worry or concern themselves with my life, then I pity them.

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