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"See life is a play that we're always acting out, without ever seeing it from the writer's or the audience's point of view. When we reach infinity, we become the writers and the actors, and the audience at the exact same time." --Michael 'Eyedea' Larsen

I'm technically out of the age range of a 'kid', but I'm trying to get closer to the frame of mind I had when I was: believing anything is possible with imagination. That infinite potential has since been polluted, but now that I've completed those long dark chapters of my life I can finally turn the page. The blank pages ahead are empty and waiting. They contain the essence of that same infinite potential, so I guess I've come full cycle.

I've always desired to create, to manifest my own reality through imagination and writing is as potent a tool as any. I've been writing on and off since I was a kid. My focus for a while has mainly been some sort of poetry, though a raw form that often reads more as spoken word, flowing lyricism, or vomit from my mind and soul. The tone ranges from divine to disgusting, and everything in between. Devastatingly detrimental, deviously deranged, and deliberately delirious: a cosmic drug that takes you on a trip on a stream of consciousness, through chaos and calm in the labyrinth of your mind to the unknown destination on the other side.

Actually I'm not sure if my writing does that, but it just kind of came out and it sounded good. Structure has never been my strong point, as I prefer to just let things flow naturally. I was looking for a site that could aid me in getting my creative juices flowing, and came across this one.

I posted some of my old poetry/mind drippings if you are interested in reading. I posted them in collections of 8-10 pieces, separated by time period and tone. Part 3 and 4 are the most recent.

Part 1: Borderline (2005 and before)
Part 2: Demons in My Bed (2006-2009)
Part 3: Vomit Pain (2011)
Part 4: Slow Down (2011)
Misc: World In My Pocket/The Art (2005-2012)

I've also had this story in my skull since I was a kid, but never could bring myself to get much of it down. I posted character descriptions for now, as well as a poem based on the story. I may add more poems based on other characters and events to that collection in the future. If you're interested in getting an idea of what the story is about, read the character descriptions and the poem if you want and let me know what you think.

Scaryland Characters
The Other Virgin Mary (poetry based on story)

I'm working on the story on and off now, and branching out to different styles of writing as well. I want to get started on writing new stuff soon, and expanding the boundaries of my literary walls.

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