a 28-year-old chick from Auburn, Ny, United States

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"Bird of Hermes is my name eat my wings to keep me tame ~Ripley scroll"

I am silent, quiet and observant

Mixed, female, and pliant 

My time wasted on joyous viewings 

Of anime, manga, and gaia.

My hearing lost to the blasting of rock, techno, and 

classical risings on lowerings of a thundering orcestra...

sometimes Joined but the trained voice of a singer.

To modern pop with nothing but a beat, endowed with meaningless words

and the genre titled by letters numbered 18 and 2 dictating tales of sorrow, sex, pain, "love*

*I think its actually lust....

I am getting away from myself 

I right Fantasy, romance, usually of the paranormal of the gay and strait kind. And the occasional science fiction, weird, and horrific, filled with suspense.

Um thats it guess unless I think of more.... 

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