a 22-year-old chiquita from the banks of the Mississippi, United States

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"and in the end/the love you take/is equal to/the love you make" -- The End;;The Beatles;; Abbey Road

Who knew playing in the woods could kill you eleven days later?

I found the tick in my hair a few days after my adventure.

We thought nothing of it, I continued to live my thirteen year old boy life.

Nearly a week later, I began to feel sick.

As my temperature was rising, I felt the need to tell my sister a secret.

The words never got a chance to pass my lips; I fell asleep on her floor.

A few days later, my mothers hair appeared to be in flames.

The hallucinations continued, so we went to the Morrison doctor.

They sent me to Rockford, for I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

My heart stopped twice on the way there, so we stopped in Sterling.

Little did we know I’d die there at the age of 13 years, 2 months, and 1 day.

July 19, 1983, my family entered my room to say their goodbyes.

The fever was so rare, I made the news.

The Quad City Area now knew the Sacketts were one short.

They had lost their precious Charlie Brown.

-- DelaneyMarie, 2011

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