a 25-year-old boy toy from Louisville, Kentucky, United States

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"Living in a world of regrets. You never wanted this and you never will. Watching your mirror image, drowning in a lake of your own sorrows, your own sorrows. But we will pray, that you will pray, you will look toward the skies. You climbed, you climbed, you were bound to fall. You knew you weren't strong enough. -Chasing The Dragon, by August Burns Red"

My name is Justin...I am an aspiring Author.  The prior story that I posted several months ago is no more, as I have completely revamped the story. 

I am an aspiring author, and I hope to one day have films made of my work.  I am a science fiction author, and I have my own views of how the future of our world will play out.  I am a very detailed writer and I am incredibly anal about my work.  I must have everything done perfectly, lest it not be published.

My favorite authors are Tom Clancy and Steven King, and a little bit of R.A. Salvatore.  I hope to one day be just as famous as them, and that one day I will be someone's favorite author.

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