a 24-year-old female from Australia =], Australia

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"Life is short & so am I" :)

Hey there!
Names Emily!
Thought you all should know a bit about me XD
I like music (well, who doesnt?) my favourate bands at the moment are Dave Matthews Band, Judas Priest, The songs on the 'Punk Goes...' Collection. & alot more.
Urm... Favourate tv shows? Have to say Supernatural, One Tree Hill & Heroes. Hands down!
Movies? I like... Butterfly Effect, Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer & a wide variety of Anime.
Favourate Book Writers? Stephanie Meyer, Cassandra Clare, Stephen King, Alyson Noel... Theres more, but I don't *really* want to name them all.

(Also, I really disliked the Twilight movie!! The actors couldnt act, & the director couldnt direct. =])

Anyway, I love to write. But i'm not sure if my stories are really good enough. Thats why i've decided to publish them on this site. So if you like them, comment them. If you dont, well... could u suggest ways they can improve. Thankyou :). And happy reading! x - Emily=]

Oh yeah... and I happen to have a "Worthy of Publishing" account. For all those "Worthy-of-publisherrs." Search: "Miley =]" and your sure to find my work. And a booksie page, but I dont use that much. Search: Emilia.Thanx! Comments would be awesome! x x x x x.

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