a 22-year-old girl from Canada

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G'day and hello! My name is Emily, but I rather like the name Dea (it mean goddess in latin). Yes I'm thirteen, but I'm almost fourteen (And J.K Rowling doesn't have anything on me!) . My friend told me about this site and if I ever have time I might try and come on. However I am pretty busy with a novel of my own. My favorite authors in real life include:

Tamora Pierce(although she could try a diffferent writing pattern)

Kathern Lasky (plain old great writer)

Dayle Campell Gaetz (Interesting way of making a possible big book into an hour or 45 min book.)

Tsitika Ledlin (Don't look for her cuz she hasn't been published yet, she's a good friend of mine in real life.)

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