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"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein. "If I could marry anyone, I would marry writing" - Me.

I wanted to leave Protagonize and forget about it. But, I can't. This website gave me so much joy. And, I'm planning to, soon, come back to it. I miss it. 

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Hello there friend! Welcome to my profile and feel free to browse around my deepest emotions! Don't be scared to contact me, if you want a collaboration or just have a chat. I love meeting new people, as community here is great! 

Main people I need to thank are Trish, angel-of-darkness, Cat_Monty and LiquidDiamondTears because they were with me from the beginning of my profile on this wonderful website. Thank you with all my heart! Without them, I would not carried on. 


1. What do I write?

I am in total love of writing lyrics. I founded them amusing, when I realised they can hit my soul and play strings on my feelings. Writing lyrics was, is and will be my biggest passion I have a joy of doing. Is a part of me that I would never want to give up. 

When I hear a song, I mostly focus on what the singer is singing rather than on music. What I want to achieve by my lyrics? I want to make readers feel the same emotions as me when I was writing a specific piece. I want to make you feel something. Make you happy, sad, beautifully depressed. Also, I want people to be able to relate to my songs in some way or form. If, I achieved any of those point mentioned above, I will be happy. 

However, I like any kind of writing. I also write short stories and philosophy pieces. I like putting my characters through hell, but not physical one, but emotional. I am sadistic like that. But who doesn't like putting characters through hell and back?

2. What is your biggest influence in writing?

Emotions. That is why I write. To share with people how I feel. I want the reader to realise through metaphors and other literary devices, what my soul was going through while writing specific piece of writing. What else is my influence? Situations I find myself in, my personal thoughts, dreams and sadness. 

3. Do any bands influence you at all and what are your favourite bands?

I could do a list that will take people f-o-r-e-v-e-r to read, but I will try to limit myself. 

  • Metallica - song like "Nothing Else Matters' did influence few of my songs. I love the voice of the singer (James Hetfield) and guitar solos. 
  • Stone Sour - the lyrics Corey Taylor sings are just so touching and so true that I want to write lyrics similar to his. I always nearly (nearly!) cry at a song called "Imperfect" by this band. This band is in my top #3
  • Seether - this band amazed me at first. Good music and some lyrics do really catch your heart like song "Broken" and some heavy songs that make you feel less angry like "Like Suicide". 
  • Slipknot - I love all the band, but I favourite one song, which is surprisingly calm taking into consideration that... well it is Slipknot. The song is called "Snuff"
  • System of a Down - just for their music that made me rock out many times. Not for easily scared people. 
  • Trivium - absolutely loving this band. The guitar is just amazing. Another band in my top #3! Give them a listen.
  • 30 Seconds to Mars - only one album though, called "A beautiful lie". The song "The Kill" relate to how I feel, so I love it.
  • Foo Fighters - good band to chill out to. 
  • Linkin Park - first band I went crazy about, so it will always have special space in my heart.
  • Puddle of Mudd - old band, but still rocks! Really worth listening to it! 
  • Hail the Villain - my band #1. They produced only one album, but it was just amazing. It is on repeat 24/7. Give them a go if you like hard rock by listening to song "Runaway". Also, singer from this band is back into music with a new band called "Six Side Die!"
  • Alestorm - yes, some pirate metal! Is a brilliant band because it is so unique and you can hear they have fun playing music! Listen to the song "Set Sail and Conquer"!
  • Apocalyptica - this is an amazing band. Mostly instrumental songs, but they gave me so much of an inspiration for my lyrics I couldn't believe. Song "Broken Pieces" featuring singer from Flyleaf especially caught my heart.
  • Avenged Sevenfold - some amazing lyrics and drumming! Song "Dear God" is really touching, have a listen! 
  • My Chemical Romance - it is a really good band! Interesting, that is for sure. Some of their lyrics can really catch your heart, give them a listen! 

They are the main bands I do listen to. 

4. What you are like in real life? 

The same as here! I don't pretend to be someone else. From the characteristics point of view, I am a shy guy with long hair and optimistic view on the world that loves to write and listen to music. The guy that had his optimism tested and he still doesn't know if he came from the battle as a winner. The guy that likes comedy and loves cracking jokes (I don't say they are good jokes!) and helping his friends. The guy that would do anything for that one girl, who believes in being romantic, being nice and generous. Not saying that he is great, but he tries his best to make others happy. He is having problems with himself at the moment and a total mess in his personal life, but that means he will be writing more lyrics yeeey! Don't be shy to contact me, I like meeting new personalities, it is always an interesting experience.

5. What do you mostly do in your spare time? 

Does being lazy counts as something? No? Not good...
I don't usually have loads of spare time, but when I do I meet up with friends, write, write, write, read books, listen to music and take pictures, as I am deeply interested in photography. I just love black and white photography! Also, I love editing, it is my passion that I can literally waste hours on - even if it is just to check out every single effect I can use possible. 

6. What are your hobbies other than writing?

Writing is my biggest passion, so I spend the most time thinking of lyrics and stories. But other than that, I am interested in short films. Also, I am a massive fan of photography. Is crazy and so much fascinating how by a picture you can actually convey a metaphor. Moreover, I love psychology, really interested in why people think certain way. Wanted to do it in college, but my creative side won there! My biggest hobby is... basketball, played it for 5 years now. Won South Cheshire Cup with basketball team in high school. Don't worry... we lost it the next year by one point. Not even one basket. Just by one, annoying point. 

7. What about education? 

Currently I am waiting to be accepted to University to do Multimedia Journalism at Salford.


I just want to point out some people on here that are great and I could only just learn from them! The list could go on and on, check those people below, but also, have a look in my contacts, there are great writers there as well!

  • Trish - She puts heart in everything she does. That is why her stuff is so good! Also, my first friend on Protag, always with good sense of humour and enthusiasm! Good singer as well, just saying. Thanks for all your kind words, comments and ratings and keep writing! Her poems can take your breath away and make you feel so many emotions that you will not believe you even had. A true talent when it comes to developing characters and one of the best cliffhangers I had pleasure to read.
  • Angel-of-Darkness - Amazing poems that are surely worthy of your time and kind comments! And we even both like few bands together! If they will teach me poems like Angel-of-Darkness then I would love english! Thanks for all the comments! If you enjoy dark poems then you have to check her work out! Also, check out her book that was published and you can buy it on Amazon!
  • CocaColaExecution - I did read only one of her song and it made me want to read so much more! Then I thought "let's read the story she did put up". And... I couldn't take my eyes of it, even though I was tired I delayed when I went to bed just to finish reading. That is how good her work is! Also, she writes poetry and she is great at it as well!
  • SumnerzAngel - Amazing stuff she got! I think I wouldn't believe my own eyes if I wouldn't be able to just compliment her work! It is always top quality and you can see she is passionate about what she is writing! Really recommend you people to have a look at her profile! It is obvious she does put her heart in every single of her work! 
  • RosalynLivna - really great stuff, so powerful poems that if you will not like that I will be really surprised. The emotions from her writings come out and slap you in the face! Check her out and be amazed! 
  • Rhi'sWords some really fantastic stuff, she puts loads of effort into writing her pieces and I strongly recommend that you go and have a look at her stuff now! 
  • LiquidDiamondTears - really some jaw-dropping stuff! Like no one else, she will make you feel emotions for characters and if you will find any mistakes in her work I will be shocked! Seriously, check her work out!
  • Cat_Monty - her work really shows loads of emotions. From sadness to saying you will not give up, she can take you on a mad rollercoaster that you will love, trust me! She was the person that, I saw the work of, and decided to join this website then! Have a read of her work!   

Also... massive thanks to anyone who did rated my work or left comment! I really do appreciate any feedback, you guys are the best! 

Currently I am working on:

My Deepest Emotions - my biggest "baby" in Protag. Where I write all my lyrics. What you waiting for? You are still reading this? Really?! Go and check the authors I pointed out or read my work. If you want to. No pressure *stands there with a knife, satanic smile* Only joking, if you want to, go check out my biggest passion. 

Also check out my note on "Writing" because it is a start of the series, I will upload my thoughts about matters that will not want to leave my head. 

I am planning to put something else up as well, but for now it is a secret that only one person knows. 

Edit: Yeah, the secret is out now! It is a colab between myself and Trish! So happy to be able to do that! Have a read of this wicked story called "Labyrinth of Mind"!

Also, I started on a solo story which I hope people will cry on. It is called "Love Hurts." I would love to get some feedback on it! 

Moreover, I uploaded an exercise that is becoming quite popular rather quickly. It is called "Titles of Songs Madness"! Give it a look and it will be wonderful if you would want to join in this exercise! The more the merrier! 

And... another solo story called "The Parallel Universe Hell". Story about an angel, my personal try at fantasy story! 

Enjoy reading, commenting, rating and writing! Let the creativity be with you (and also with me selfish!).


I needed to create a reading list because I lost the plot completely. Those are the people that I need to read works of in near future. 

As you can see, the list is absolutely massive, so give me time, I will surely get around to read what you did put up. Oh, and another thing! If I missed anyone out, please comment! 

Also, I am working on something that will be pretty big for me and also... well, scary. Look out for further notice!

P.S. I just wanted to say... that I am so glad I made some friends here. You guys are just amazing and your writing is even more stunning. I wish you all the best! 

Important notice: I want to dedicate my writings in "The Abyss", both lyrics and the story, from the bottom of my heart to Trish. I cannot put some things I want to say in words, so I hope the lyrics will do the job well. =) 

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