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"*fear the power of god, for he is eternal. Death commes for you weather you be lord or begger."

I'm Darthmas (no it isn't based on star wars.), I'm an avid writer who one day dreams of becoming a best selling author.
   I'm mainly a young adult writer and vampire novolist so you'll have to bear with me. I can write about other stuff but vampire fiction is the most fun to write, to me at least.

For anyone who's intrested I got my username from a character in one of my stories: The Veenasi by name.

   I don't apprieciate being told what I should or shouldn't write so never give me pointless changes that won't Improve the story such as:

Danial likes linkin park, so don't tell me to change it to another band.

I'm usually happy to listen to those more expierianced than me but not to the point of arrogance by the person doing the teaching.

Follow these rules and we'll be best friends! :-)

I'll sometimes write about serious things like socioliticle issues or I'll write about things that are completely wierd/ Kamp (see urban dictionary.)

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