a 25-year-old transgender

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"Next time you open up shop, put your dad's best starwberry sundaes on the menu." - Devil May Cry (anime)

I’m proud to be what I am even if it’s a struggle. I love anime manga and I’m a visual kei junkie. I’m proud to have a Kindle which I share with my Matt.

I support the ‘It gets better project’ and I’m part of the ‘Non-gender Binary Movement’.

I like to write psychological, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and gender bender. (As it’s known in Japan.) 

I prefer Android to Apple and I’m like gaming in my free time. I’m studying Fine Art. Please check my online portfolio for more info.

Oh and I don’t have any religious beliefs. I believe religions are I by product of logic and accumulate to provide a sense of a higher power. When a group of humans come together and share the same by product it then generates belief and religions follow suit. I’m not against religion and stand by no religious organisation. i also do not permit those who are against me to religiously flame or debate on my work blog or profile. 

-       Hiko (@NecroPlushHiko)

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