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"You're too young to live this way, just close your eyes and see, life is beauty." ~ Of Mice &Men, The Great Hendowski"


Like this lovely bolded word above my profile so blatantly says, I'm Dannie13.
Having made this account back in 2009, at an age where I could not have possibly anticipated the hatred I would feel towards this name, I chose it, &the wretched thing is permanently displayed here, as if I actually welcome you to address me as such. 
Please, don't..if you must, call me D.

I'm a Canadian girl, in a Performing Arts program at a prestigious art school that I often feel out of place at. It's funny, to feel outcasted by the outcasts. I'm dramatic, but differently so than my peers. But I live. I will fight for my place. 

I'm merely a shadow of the person I was 5 years ago, &even who I was the last time this bio was updated, perhaps, 3 years or so past. 
I will always love music, my escape, my refuge. 
I'm in a band now, Concrete Oasis, check us out on youtube, facebook, &follow us on twitter, @Concrete_Oasis

To give you a slight idea of my music taste, I'll list off a few bands &artists I've been listening to the past few hours. 
Suicide Silence, Of Mice &Men, The Colour Morale, August Burns Red, Hans Zimmer, Pink Floyd, Bring Me The Horizon, Beartooth, Tool. 
I was raised on music, I survive off of music, &I live day by day finding solace in headphones, in the breakdown after the final chorus, &the fading final note. One day, I swear to you, I will write a song that gives each &every one of you the strength to hold on. I don't want fame for fame's sake, or money or glory. I don't want your pity, &I have no need for false pride. I want to inspire, to bring hope into a broken world, &I want, if anything, with my art, my music, my work, I want to make at least one person smile. Make one person realize that their life is worth living, that they are here for a reason. 

I can come across as harsh, as intimidating, as frightening, &fierce, but please, I don't bite. I'm an artist, like you. I'm scared, &I'm nowhere near perfection. Message me at any time should you need anything, anyone to talk to, a quick read-through of a piece of writing, a shoulder to cry on. I promise, I am here, &I will not judge you. <3

I warn you, things have changed here. Nothing is as it once was, &we so must we all grow &adapt to an ever changing world. 

My dearest punks, freaks, lovers, &dreamers. 

Stay strong. Never give up on your dreams. 

Rock on, 




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