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"One small group or person can change the world. For the longest time, it is the only thing that has." by unknown.

I don't want to give much information since this is the internet, but I will say that I am in to many different things. I do write fanfictions along with original stories. I am working on two novels, a fanfiction, and will start a manga soon. I'm going through many other websites where I can post my novels in progress. I'm finding a bit of trouble with that. Though I find many sites for fanfiction and sites where you add on to someone elses story, I can never find one where you can post chapter by chapter. Luckily, I found this one.

Anyways, I read all sorts of stories varying from genre to genre. The only types of books I don't like are sports books. My main interests are anime (Naruto, Hetalia, Death Note, Bleach, ect.), other's OCs, artwork, classic 80s games along with up-to-date games, web designing (though I am only learning ^^;) and many more.

My hobbies usually include singing, drawing, blogging, reading, writing, softball, and hanging out with friends. I try to keep up with TV series as much as I can, but I must say that I am more of a movie person than anything. I love music. I listen to almost every genre of music out there, but this does not mean I am up-to-date with it. I've always been an inside person. I barely listen to the radio, so I never know of new songs till I hear them almost 6 months that they've been out. The music I sing the best is country though I have been told that I look more like an R&B person. I can gurantee that I'm not, unless you like scratchy songs.  ^^; 

I do like critiques and suggestions. I try taking everyone's consideration into view for I know on many levels of experience that others who read the work will notice more than the one who writes it.

I can't think much of anything now, though I have a feeling this bio takes up alot of space. ^^; Anyways, I'll end like this for now. Wishing for the best.

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