a 24-year-old gentleman from Utah, United States

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"Is writing just about everything to me? No. Can just about everything be put into writing? Yes!"

I don't write because I love the process of putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard. I write because I enjoy good stories, and I want to instill in my readers the same joy, excitement, and imaginative bliss I have received reading the works of so many great authors. I write mostly speculative and ethics-based fiction. Sometimes I'll go for realistic fiction, poetry, and prose based on human relationships, society, and politics.

I live in my home-state of Utah, in the United States, and am currently going to school majoring in English-Creative Writing.

I aspire to become a published author someday, in novels, short stories, and possibly poetry. My other interests include writing music, listening to music, singing when no one else is home, spending time with friends and family, browsing the news, going to concerts, having a debate on ethics or politics, reading, running long distance, hiking, camping, photography, film making, watching and critiquing movies, going to church, and learning about my Mormon faith.

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