a 21-year-old chick from Kilmallock,Co.Limerick, Ireland

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"If You Can Dream It,You Can Do It!-Walt Disney"

Dia Daoibh!

The name is Megan,as you should know by now(it's at the top of the profile page)and I am Irish.Yes,I am an Irish dancer and I do have an Irish surname.No,I do not have red hair and I am not fluent in Irish(the piece of Irish at the top was only for welcoming,not showing off my Irishness).

I am from a small town in County Limerick that doesn't have cool things like a cinema or a Juicy Couture shop.Instead,it has a gazzillion pubs,two schools,a chipper, a supermarket and some measly corner shops.Hardly New York,but I suppose it'll do for a few more years until I go off to university and move to somewhere better.

With a cinema and Juicy Couture shop.

But anyway,back to the life story of moi.I am unfortunately the middle child in my family,which makes me the Malcolm of my family.(a compliment,as he's brainy).There is Dad,who hails from a small town in Leitrim; Mum,who is English and lived in London until she was twelve and moved to my hometown because it was her father's(my grandfather)hometown too; Louise,who goes to university in Dublin and is a bit of a typical blonde(minus the dumb part); Callum,a grouchy person who is exactly one year and two days older than me and wants to be a film director when he grows up; Myself,who has a passion for dance and writing and is a girly girl who loves the colour pink; Caitlin,an annoying,loudmouth of a sister who I'm forced to share rooms with; and Ronan, a five year old who does dancing like me and is very good at playing video games.

I love to read and it's really annoying when you need to read something and you've read every single book in your household.My favourite author varies from time to time.Up until last year,it was Jacqueline Wilson.Then after getting the Twilight books at Christmas,I went through a bit of a Twilight phase and claimed Stephenine Meyer was the bee's knees.Now it is Meg Cabot,the fabulous writer of The Princess Diaries and other marvellous books.

I have many hopes and dreams for the future,like qualifying for the Worlds and getting good grades in important exams at school.But I don't have a clue as to what I want to be when I grow up.I'm thinking journalist in a fashion magazine(I love Ugly Betty)or a choreographer for Riverdance.I don't know,but I want to do well in life.For now,the sky's the limit for me.



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